If I pay for a Next Day / Express delivery on a Friday will I get it on  Saturday ?

No, Next Day delivery applies to weekdays only so if you pay for Next Day delivery on a Friday you will not receive the order until the Monday.  We send Next Day deliveries by courier and they will not deliver at the weekends.

Can I come and visit you?

Yes we are open 9.00am - 1.00pm CLOSED between 1pm - 2.00pm for lunch and open 2.00pm - 4.00pm.  It is a counter service.

I am trying to place an order and it is not working? What can I do ?

If it is between 9.00am and 4pm Monday to Friday please phone us on 01778 347347. If in the evening or at the weekend ie 'out of hours' please e-mail us at info@woolies-trim.co.uk with your name and phone number and a brief message and we will phone or email you as soon as we can.

I'm buying 10mtr of something at £4/mtr, why does it come out to £39.96?

We have to display our prices including VAT, when these get multiplied up the total price can alter slightly from what you would expect. This is due to "rounding". Mostly the prices seem to round down slightly but some can go up a little as well. It is only ever a few pence either way.

I want to buy 3.5mtr of hooding material but it will not let me, do I have to order in full metres?

When ordering on-line you do have to buy goods in full metre lengths e.g. 1mtr, 2 mtr, 6mtr. If you really want to order in part metres e.g. 1.5mtr, 2.8mtr, 4.3mtr you have to place the order by telephone, fax or e-mail.

I want to buy a large quantity, do I get a better price than if I just buy a few metres ?

If you buy in full roll quantites you do get special roll discount. Roll sizes vary e.g. some rubbers and sponges are 50mtr rolls, some window channels are 20mtr rolls. If you wish to buy in bulk please contact us to discuss it further, we can then advise roll lengths and applicable discount.

Can you trim my seats / dashboard for me or re-new my headlining?

We do not do any trimming, we simply supply materials off-the-roll, we do not cut to fit specific cars.

I am not sure if the door seal is going to be right can I send it back if it is wrong?

We prefer not to have returns, particularly for items we have cut off a roll or measured. If you are not sure we can send a small sample for you to try before you order. This usually avoids any returns BUT if you do wish to return a cut item it must be within 14 days of date of invoice and a minimum 15% handling charge will be made.

Do you know what door seal I need for a …(any vehicle)?

It is unlikely ! We do not have specific vehicle knowledge and do not have lists of which trims are correct for which vehicle. Occasionally we may know but we find the best way is for you to try and identify it from the catalogue or website and if you are unsure we can send a couple of samples for you to have a look at. Alternatively you can send us a sample of your original to have a look at it.

How quickly do you despatch orders?

We usually despatch orders placed by 2.30pm the same day that the order is placed. Sometimes we can still despatch orders received after that time it really depends on how busy we are. If you are really desperate and it is after lunch it would be best to phone us to see if we can despatch the same day.

I purchased some material a few months ago and need some more, will it match?

There is not a straight forward reply to this one. Many of our products are constant and the stock does not vary, however, some products e.g. woollen headlining and seating cloths can vary from batch to batch so colour / texture may differ.

It is always best to try and order sufficient to do the whole job in one go. If you contact us and ask we can advise if there is a lot in stock or if it is likely to change in the future however occasionally manufacturers may discontinue a product and not give us advance warning so we cannot forsee this situation.

We would like to come and have a look round / visit you, is this OK? Are you open at weekends?

We are open to visitors Monday – Friday from 9.00am to 4.00pm BUT please note we do close for lunch between 1.00pm and 2.00pm. It is a good idea to phone us before coming to make sure we have what you need in stock.

We are not open at weekends but are sometimes at shows, these are detailed on the website, contact us for information.

Do you go to any car shows or events?

Yes we do attend some Classic car events throughout the year. A full listing of shows we are attending can be found on our Autojumbles & Shows page . We can take specific orders to shows for collection, if you would like to take advantage of this please contact us a few days before the show to ensure we have all items in stock.

Do you know how much headlining / carpet / vinyl I need for a particular car?

No, we cannot advise on quantites needed so rely on you having a meaure up, it is always best to ‘add-a-bit-on’ to make sure you order sufficient rather than being a couple of inches too short.

I want to order some aluminium lengths but how will it be sent?

We can send parcels up to 2mtr in length (mainland UK only, excludes N.Ireland). Some of the aluminiums are longer than this so we need to cut them down, alternatively some can be coiled. If you are unsure please phone or e-mail us for advice.

I want to buy some carpet / hooding but want to see it before I buy some, is this possible?

Yes, we are happy to send a few samples so you can see quality / colour of materials please advise us what you are interested in.

My car hood is looking a bit tatty and has faded, do you sell anything that will improve it's appearance?

Yes, we have a range of products. Which products to use depends on whether it is a canvas type material hood e.g. mohair, or a vinyl hood. If it is a mohair hood we sell a cleaner, a re-colourer and a proofer which re-waterproofs it. You can buy the products separately so e.g. you can just clean it if that is all that is required. For vinyl hoods we sell a cleaner and proofer. If you are unsure please contact us for further advice, or see our hood renovation products for more info.

I want to cut down the engine noise do you have any ideas?

We sell fire retardant felt which is good for under the bonnet and in the engine bay. It is ½” (13mm) thick and 54” (1.37mtr) wide and is a good dense felt with a latex coating on one side. If you are gluing this we recommend a high heat resistant glue such as our part number 259.

I want to change the colour of my leather interior, do you have anything that will do this?

There is not a straight forward reply to this. Our leather renovation kits are designed for restoring the original colour however if you are changing from a lighter colour to a darker colour it will probably work although no guarantees can be made. We would not recommend the leather kits to change from a dark colour to a lighter colour.

My leather seats are looking dry and are starting to crack is there anything I can do?

Yes, it is a good idea to regularly feed leather to keep it soft and supple and so help prevent cracking. We sell hide food (part no. 46) which is ideal for this purpose. You may also want to consider buying our leather cleaner as well.