Featured Cars

Here is some information on the cars featured on the image above.

1934 Riley 9 Lynx Tourer  Originally with 1100cc engine but now fitted with 12/ 4 engine and transmission.  This current 1500cc unit is to Sprite spec. providing lively performance.  Full restoration over a 12 year period, all completed by owner Richard White (apart from chroming, boring and white metalling).  Owner Richard White, specialising in all aspects of upholstery, trim and weather equipment for pre-war cars, including hood and sidescreen frames.  Tel: 01778 344951.

1953 MG YB Sports Saloon, 1250cc XPAG Cruising speed 55-60mph, 33mpg on a run.  Same engine as used in T-type sports models but with single carburettor.  First MG saloon to be fitted with independent front suspension.  Built-in hydraulic jacking system, sun roof, opening screen as standard.

1934 Austin Heavy 12 Open Road Tourer  1861cc cruising speed 45mph, fuel consumption 23-25mpg on unleaded.  One of over 50 different models marketed in 1934 by Austin.  Now quite rare.  Five-bearing sv engine dates back to early 1920s and was used in London taxis until early 1940s.

1973 MGB Roadster 1798cc ohv B-series five-bearing engine, cruising speed well above legal limit, 33mpg on a run.  Sold once and bought back as it was such a good car.  Very reliable, all original panels apart from bootlid and rear panel damaged by rear end shunt.

2002 Porsche Boxster S 3179cc  mid engined horizontally opposed (BOXER) 6 cylinder.  Develops 252bhp at 6250rpm and 225Ib ft of torque at 4500rpm. (Porsche claim that 85% of MAXIMUM torque is available at just 2000rpm).  Max speed 161mph at 6265 rpm in 6th gear.  5th 153/ 7200 4th: 127/ 7200  3rd: 102/ 7200 2nd: 71/ 7200 1st: 42/ 7200.  A contemporary road test summed up the Boxster S: ....."Porsche have created a car that's fast, refined and wonderful to drive.....".  The joint owners, Ian and Caroline can wholeheartedly confirm this fact and expect to cover approx 7000 miles per annum.

1966 Riley Kestrel Saloon  1275cc, overhead valve with twin carbs, about 72BHP on unleaded fuel, 0-60mph in 17 seconds with a maximum around 100mph.  A badge engineered car from the BMC 1100/1300 range.  Very much refined in that it has leather seating, improved sound proofing and wood dashboard.  "This is our most modern car and is in everyday use doing what it was designed to do, ie provide reliable and cheap motoring and this it does very well.  A 'Polo' owner who has driven it finds it more comfortable on a long journey than his own car !"

1936 Riley Kestrel 12/4 Six Light Saloon  1496cc, twin cam overhead valve with twin carbs giving about 64BHP.  Cruises at 60mphwith a fuel consumption (unleaded) of 29mpg.  Purchased from Lymington in late 1981 in very poor condition, the car has been restored entirely by the owner apart from certain engine work.  The car is well used and has now completed almost 98,000 miles since restoration.  Although not particularly fast it is comfortable and relaxing to drive sided by the 'Preselector' gearbox, goodroadholding (for the period) and excellent brakes.  A very practical and usable PVT car.

2001 Tiger Cat E1 based on a 2 litre Ford Sierra mechanics.  18 month build-up.  Top speed 120mph with 0 - 60mph in approx 7 seconds.

1986 VW Transporter Leisure Drive Conversion  4 berth  1900cc flat 4 petrol engine watercooled.  Used daily as well as holidays. Just passed 100,000 miles on holiday to the Outer Hebrides.  Also taken on trips to Britanny and French Riviera.  Owner Duncan Allen.